About Us

Pixies Acre was established in 2011 with our first product the ‘hard to find’ merchandise from the hit Australian TV show ‘ H2O Just Add Water’.  My daughter was a real fan (and still is) of the cult TV show and we had struggled to find the locket she so desperately wanted, so when we finally tracked it down we thought we would make it more easily available to the many fans out around the world.
family-photoA family run business, we now have a wider product range to offer our customers,  but still one that is inspired by the things that we love.
Our current range of products has been developed and inspired by my daughters love of dolls and soft toys and further driven by my lifelong passion for teddy bears.
As a child I adored my teddy bears and I still do today.  Even now I have a special bear who travels everywhere with me, on holidays with his own passport and even to the shops.  All our bears and dolls have their own special personalities so we only select those which tell a story in their eyes and faces so you can bring their personality to life.   Our collection of dolls and bears in our store has been created from the dolls, bears and soft toys that we would love to own, so we know that you will love them too!
We hope you enjoy our store and have many years of pleasure from your purchase.
Yvonne Farrand
Pixies Acre

Why Pixies Acre?

One of my fondest childhood memories was staying in an enchanting cottage by the beach in Cornwall with my family.  The name of the cottage ‘Pixies Acre’. The thought of that special holiday evokes happy memories of my childhood. I still travel to Cornwall each year with my own family and whilst  the cottage still remains, the name no longer does.  Our company is all about childhood and treasuring the things that make those memories special. So when it came to naming our company there was one obvious choice of name – and so ‘Pixies Acre’ was born.

Our cute Pixie logo was designed by Kerry Mafeo and is protected under copyright.