Our Dolls

Only the finest quality materials are used to make both the dolls, and the clothing with many accessories finished by hand using natural materials where possible.
Their exquisite faces ooze personality, their beautifully coiffeur hair made from the finest synthetic mohair hand knotted kanekalon wig is easily styled and kept in good condition, their faces shine with expressive eyes crafted from acrylic glass. These dolls really are gorgeous. My daughter adores these dolls and has started her own collection which she lovingly plays with each day.


Sculpted by Award-winning collectible doll artist Dianna Effner this beautiful dolls  are created to inspire young minds with knowledge and hours of play.  The Maru and Friends characters trace the journey of Maru from her home in Brazil to stay with her Aunt and Uncle in the United States.  Meeting and making new friends in a foreign land the girls share their journey of friendship, sharing, caring, responsibility, courage and growing up. 

The faces of these dolls are absolutely beautiful.  There limbs are tall and sleek allowing them to be posed and also to stand without support.  All Maru & Friends dolls have been tested to European Safety standards and are suitable for children aged 3 years and above.

vie-e-logoCreated in the United States by parents on a quest to fight against large corporations who encourage our children to follow the latest entertainment trends without regard for the impact it has on young people in an attempt to reclaim children’s playtime and create a positive role model for our children.

Their mission is to help build life skills and give lift to the dreams of every girl, across all social and economic boundaries while providing opportunities for girls to help each other.
Born in California, but now living in Brazil with her parents, Alexis travels the world with her father, a writer for a travel magazine and her mother, a fashion designer and writes about her adventures in her journal. She loves the outdoor life, swimming and surfing are some of her favourite pastimes but she also likes wearing the latest fashions. She enjoys listening to music, reading books and also loves to draw.

Alexis O’Shea is a 19″ jointed playdoll from the first edition production run, has many life like features which help her to participate in a wide range of activities with your child. Her arms and legs bend so she can be fully posed and can even be immersed in water (special after care instructions apply). Her toes are French Manicured and have a separated big toe so that she can wear sandals and flip flops. her eyes open and close and you can even tuck her hair behind her ear. The designers have made every attempt to make Alexis as lifelike as they can.

Clemantine Your 1940's Girl

Amelia Your Victorian Girl

Lydia Your Georgean Girl

Matilda Your Tudor Girl

LogoA Girl for All Time® designs and manufactures exquisite playdolls for collectors aged 7-107. Specialising in gorgeously crafted 16″ vinyl dolls with historically inspired costumes which encourages children to appreciate the meaning of friendships and family

Explore the world of A Girl for All Time® dolls, a series of award-winning British historical dolls that bring the past to life. Follow the first born girls in the fictional Marchmont  family through 500 years of intrigue and adventure in some of the most exciting times in English history, from Tudor times to Present Day.

Each Girl for All Time® characters has beautiful costumes and accessories with a themed keepsake book to collect and treasure forever. This uniquely British brand created by Frances Cain and inspired by her love of English History encourages intelligent, creative play for girls 6 and older,
It never ceases to amaze me how children of all ages are drawn to these dolls. Their faces are simply beautiful and serene Their possibility makes them ideal for creative play and for the older child or adult an elegant display. The clothing and accessories are of a very high quality and the packaging displays these dolls and a very appealing way. 

Winner ‘Industry Choice’ 2013 and 2014